A&S Drums was started by Mike Andrews & Josh Swain,
both drummers in the Greater Lansing area. 

Their friendship began in 1989, when Mike began giving drum lessons 
to a then, 15 year old Josh. The years since have provided 
both of them with many life lessons & through it all,
they've always kept their friendship, and shared in
their love of drums & playing.

Their drum building journey began when after several years of owning 
drum kits of various sizes, makes, & models, Mike & Josh 
began to notice a common theme in their conversations.
Each of their kits was a compromise 
in one way, or another.

"We loved our [factory] drums, even then" says Josh, "we had spent much time & our hard earned money selecting what we were playing on, 
but we were still only choosing from what was available.

Then Josh goes on to blame Mike for what happened next.

"Mike calls me one day & says, hey, I've built a snare drum 
& it sounds fantastic, come over & check it out.
When I heard it, I was floored at how good it sounded".

Soon after hearing Mike's snare & realizing they could build their
own drums to fit their own ideal set up, with any options they wanted,
it was all downhill from there
& the resulting entity
was A&S Drums. 

"...so it's really all Mike's fault, at least that's how I tell it". -Josh S.

When asked how they began building drums for other players,
Mike said, "After a short time, some local drummers began to
notice we were playing our own drums.
They loved the sound & became interested in having
us build something custom for them".

...and Josh adds, "we've truly been blessed
with our friends & local talent.
We started this for us, but they're why we push ourselves
to continually produce top quality products,
to help elevate their playing & 
watch them shine".