Donny Brown 
(Former Verve Pipe drummer and recording artist) 
"I used my 5 x 14 inch A&S Drums snare on a session today and it sounded Awesome!"

Roger "Hadji" VanSteeland (Bitter Creek Band)

"Attention to detail ensures a great looking and sounding drum,

that's why I choose A&S Drums."

Josh Wilkinson (local multi-instrumentalist)

"This snare drum has everything a great instrument should have, sensitivity,
projection, a great build, etc. I'm proud to own my A&S snare."

Joe Quick (Roux band)
"I have a sweet 5 x 12 snare that snaps and pops live! 
Auxiliary snare? Nope, primary!"

Guiseppe Stella 
(Former Jerry Lee Lewis/Drifters drummer, & recording artist) 
"I love my A&S snare drum!"